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Procedures of verification and evaluation of academic papers

Every institution prior verification process shall draw a road map of precised procedures. Processes developed and analysed by experts will contribute to the success. Therefore, lets make sure the designed processes of the verification and evaluation will be clear, fair, objective, time saving, comprehensive, responsible and effective!

Below are a set of questions universities and other academic institutions usually face once start implementing plagiarism detection system. Verification of the academic papers and their further evaluation shall never turn to uncontrolled process but be well-grounded. What law you can refernce to? Copyright, law of education, criminal code? If you want to know more, please, contact us and join our webinars! 

Does you institution check all written academic papers or only some? Question yourself, whether it is in comply with legislation and internal procedures. Are students well informed about procedures and consequences?

Who shall evaluate the paper? Commission, promoter, both, or someone else? What law and procedures say about it?


Who uploads paper for the verification - student, promoter or staff from a deanery? Do your promoters have enough time to upload papers, evaluate and discuss with students results? 

Do you let student or author to correct the paper? How many times? What are requirements to the allowed level of the borrowing? What are disciplinary actions towards authors and promoters? What law says about it?

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